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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reversion Skincare Review

Hey guys sorry I hadnt posted in a bit lots of things have been going on with my family and my boyfriends car just breaking down! But everything's back to normal and I've been dieing to write about my new acne system! I ordered Reversion on Jan 24, and it came in the mail about three days later on the 27th.  I was really excited about it because I was getting cystic acne more than usual and it was killing my self esteem, it's been a long and hard battle but finally things are starting to look up.

So the wash is really nice, its mild smelling, no fragrances, and kills over 99.9% of bacteria on your face which is the reason why this product works so well.

This is exactly from the website;
Developed by a plastic surgeon, the two-step Reversion® Acne Control System controls three of the primary factors causing acne: excess oil, bacteria, and clogged pores. Other acne products attempt to combat acne with Benzoyl Peroxide which is less effective at eradicating bacteria, is only a mild exfoliator and is irritating in higher concentrations. Reversion Antimicrobial Wash eradicates 99.9% of bacteria found on the skin surface for up to 12 hours and helps control excess oil on the skin surface. Reversion Acne Medication is comprised of Lactic and Salicylic Acid and effectively exfoliates the skin surface, preventing clogged pores and future breakouts. 

And let me tell you this stuff is a godsend! I noticed a difference three days into the system but that happiness ended because the product does flush you of impurities for the first 5-6 weeks your on it but boy do you see the results! I immediately stopped getting cystic acne(I would develop 2-3 every night, it was getting bad)and I could already see my face brightening and my skin tone clearing up ! The first month of extra breakouts does suck, but patience is a virtue and all good things come in time! Im on my 4th week of Reversion and I only get 2-3 whiteheads every other four days and a cyst right before my period. And from getting 2-3 cysts every night!? Thats the most I could have ever hoped for!

What I love about this system is that you can control how much salicylic acid goes on your face and your not just scrubbing with the harsh stuff every time you want to feel fresh n clean! Your supposed to put 8 drops of the 'Acne Medication' on after every time you wash but I found that was to harsh for me so I just put five drops into my toner(witch hazel)every other day.

The 'Antimicrobial Wash' needs to be used just right, it's a pretty strict system but I dont mind if it involves clear skin ;* You have(notice the emphasis) to leave the wash on your face for one minute every time you use it so you know for sure that you've killed all the germs building colonies on your face in the morning and night! Always make sure your pores are nice and steamed open so the medicine can kick the ass its supposed to. You can also use the wash as an acne spot treatment but do not leave it in all night this stuff is powerful and will peel your skin in left for to long, 5-10 minutes seems to be perfect for me and I extremely sensitive skin.

Hope you guys think about trying this out I highly recommend it(I bought mine on amazon for 10$'s cheaper, hehe)if your having troubles with your face and nothings working for you. Cheers to beautiful skin !

- Paige

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