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Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Candy Heart Box Eyeshadow Palette

So early yesterday I was in quite the delima, my parents had bought me a makeup collection box from Ulta for Christmas but all my eyeshadow's were on the bottom of this contraption which made getting into them waaay to much effort when I wanted to get dressed quick! I had no $$, and I needed an easy, painless way to store all my eyeshadow's! I looked around my kitchen, bathroom, and my bedroom only to come up empty on ways to store them, but then alas! On my sidetable sat my valentines day chocolates, and it was perfect!

Freemans Antioxident Facial Scrub Review

Holaa!!:) So how was everyones weekend!? Mine was very boring but relaxing ! I wanted to go to the thrift store today but had others things to pay for </3 so hopefully I'll be going sometime soon this week. Anywho, not to long ago I bought a new scrub and it's been working pretty good, I thought I'd share this with you guys because I know other chicas like me are always on the lookout for cheap skincare!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reversion Skincare Review

Hey guys sorry I hadnt posted in a bit lots of things have been going on with my family and my boyfriends car just breaking down! But everything's back to normal and I've been dieing to write about my new acne system! I ordered Reversion on Jan 24, and it came in the mail about three days later on the 27th.  I was really excited about it because I was getting cystic acne more than usual and it was killing my self esteem, it's been a long and hard battle but finally things are starting to look up.

3000$ Fasion Week Sweepstakes

Go here to try and enter to win! Good luck girls!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Line Review

So today I went shopping and got some new makeup! Finally, after almost a year of using the same coverup and mascara. So I'm pretty excited. I decided on Neutrogena because in the past they've never broken me out like Almay and Revlon products do. I got the 'Skin Clearing' line because I've been dealing with some breakouts lately after starting my new skin regimen(I'm using Reversion). So im figuring these should help!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY ♡ Hobo Bag (no cutting required)

Thought this was really useful and cute hope you guys think so too! xoxo

Tea Vs. Coffee

What do you drink every morning? Coffee with cream and sugar, or do you like it black? Or do you prefer the herbal taste of tea with honey?
What does coffee or tea do for you, is it any good to drink on a daily basis? Well I gathered some facts to try and figure this predicament out! <3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Camel Chic

Camel Chic
A cute almost spring time winter outfit!


Camel Chic by paigekristina featuring brim straw hats
€35 -
Goldsign embroidered jeans
£335 -
Vince Camuto strappy sandals
$110 -
Cubic zirconia jewelry
$42 -
All Saints knit shawl
$150 -
Brim straw hat
$38 -

Thrifting tips&tricks!

It seems we all want things we cant afford but why wish for them instead of actually 'looking' for them? A lot of good name brands go through thrift stores more often than you'd believe. I pick up Hollister, A&F, Aeropostale, Polo, and ect all the time at second hands shops! But not all good things come easy, you definitely need patience to go through all the racks, and knacks. (And a good pair of shoes!) I have some few tips to help you find more fab then drab at your local thrift store!

Presidents Day Sale!

Okay so I went to my favorite thrift store in Daytona yesterday knowing they’d have some pretty good deals. It was Monday so a specific tag(yellow)made the clothes only 99cents. And then everything else in the store was half off, needles to say I only spent 10$ and left with three bags full to the brim with clothes and knick knacks. I bought a couple knit tops, a sweater or two, about four mugs, a wooden tray, and some other d├ęcor items.
Ill post the other thing’s I got tomorrow !

But anywho, today I really felt the love my mom bought me an awesome 20′ inch teddy bear with chocolates, I havent been feeling to good about things lately and this really cheered me up. Ive been stressing about getting a job. No ones hiring here in Port Orange but the prices are rising and my here and there payments really arent cutting it. Having to support two people at 17 is starting to wear me out and with no jobs coming soon I’d hate to see where im at in three months! And I was going to go tanning but decided choclates and tea seemed so much more relaxing then getting lathered and burnt haha. But dont get me wrong tanning beds destress me a lot, I enjoy the 10-20 minutes of time to myself, I barely get any alone time so what little I have is necessary.

First Post!

Hey so Im very new to blogging but I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile ! I couldnt put my finger on what to blog about, and why not something I enjoy? Clothes and thrifting! My blogs going to be about how to spot good deals, cheap but good clothes, shoes, makeup, and ect! I hope you guys like this idea as much as I do and I hope for manymany more posts to come.
Thank you! -Paige
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