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Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Candy Heart Box Eyeshadow Palette

So early yesterday I was in quite the delima, my parents had bought me a makeup collection box from Ulta for Christmas but all my eyeshadow's were on the bottom of this contraption which made getting into them waaay to much effort when I wanted to get dressed quick! I had no $$, and I needed an easy, painless way to store all my eyeshadow's! I looked around my kitchen, bathroom, and my bedroom only to come up empty on ways to store them, but then alas! On my sidetable sat my valentines day chocolates, and it was perfect!

So of course I ate the rest of the chocolate yummys, hehe. And then I took out the candy holder and trashed it.

Then I was left with this; I took my eyeshadow's out of the Ulta box and carefully placed them on the candy preserver(that little white thing they put on top of the candy when you first open it, I have no idea what its called lol) but if you threw out yours that's okay, it just makes cleaning the box a little easier when eyeshadow's spill.

My eyeshadow's had a sticky residue on the back of them when I pulled them out of their original box, if yours don't just put a small dot of super glue(or nail glue, whatever you have available)on the back of them. Then carefully place it inside of the valentines box, you don't want any to slide off and break!

And viola! An easy to use, completely free and cute eyeshadow palette! Took about 5 minutes all together :) Enjoy! <3

- Paige

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