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Friday, February 24, 2012

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Line Review

So today I went shopping and got some new makeup! Finally, after almost a year of using the same coverup and mascara. So I'm pretty excited. I decided on Neutrogena because in the past they've never broken me out like Almay and Revlon products do. I got the 'Skin Clearing' line because I've been dealing with some breakouts lately after starting my new skin regimen(I'm using Reversion). So im figuring these should help!

 Alright so I really like the foundation it goes on smooth and matches my skin tone perfectly, Its not as thick as I wish it was. I also dislike how small the opening is, it makes it very hard to apply and gets a little messy. And like every other teenage girl out there with combination skin of course my face does not have an even tone but this foundation does help with that without looking to pasty/cakey. I really recommend this foundation if your prone to breakouts, a bit pricey but well worth saving up for!

So now onto the cover-up, I'm not to ecstatic about the twist cap that pushes the makeup out but I guess thats supposed to keep my dirty finger from touching the cap? I dont know, seems to complicated. But definitely a step up from 'Glamoflage - Hard Candy' which did nothing but cake on and make lines on my already patchy skin! The coverage is a bit sheer(er?) then I hoped so It doesnt really cover acne that good for the price it costs! Not sure if I will but this product again, a coverup is not a cover up unless it can COVER UP! Which annoys me soooo much with makeup lines, they probably just take the foundation, make the consistency a little thicker, and shove it in a different package. BAM! Easy million dollars.

And lastly, the pressed powder. I do like it this a lot actually, a lot more airy feeling than Maybellines clean finish powder for sensitive skin, which made my skin feel very dry! This powder comes with this really cool sponge brush which has a sponge on one side and this other rubbery material on the other side so you can blend better. I havent been using it enough yet to really see if it effects my acne or not, but im hoping for the best :* I'll definitely be buying this more often!

So all in all I give the foundation 7/10, the cover up 5/10 and the pressed powder a good 8/10! These products should be sooo much better with how much you pay for them! But you win some lose some!

- Paige

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