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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Presidents Day Sale!

Okay so I went to my favorite thrift store in Daytona yesterday knowing they’d have some pretty good deals. It was Monday so a specific tag(yellow)made the clothes only 99cents. And then everything else in the store was half off, needles to say I only spent 10$ and left with three bags full to the brim with clothes and knick knacks. I bought a couple knit tops, a sweater or two, about four mugs, a wooden tray, and some other décor items.
Ill post the other thing’s I got tomorrow !

But anywho, today I really felt the love my mom bought me an awesome 20′ inch teddy bear with chocolates, I havent been feeling to good about things lately and this really cheered me up. Ive been stressing about getting a job. No ones hiring here in Port Orange but the prices are rising and my here and there payments really arent cutting it. Having to support two people at 17 is starting to wear me out and with no jobs coming soon I’d hate to see where im at in three months! And I was going to go tanning but decided choclates and tea seemed so much more relaxing then getting lathered and burnt haha. But dont get me wrong tanning beds destress me a lot, I enjoy the 10-20 minutes of time to myself, I barely get any alone time so what little I have is necessary.

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